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  • They Have Broken Every Rule In The Book

    They Have Broken Every Rule In The Book

    Okay, let’s just forget, for a moment, ‘who’ or ‘what’ exactly is providing fake news. The ‘who or what’ of this matter is not really the point. Despite the fact that fake news is becoming a serious issue, the real issues are apparently not being addressed. You often hear people say things like “Websites can block whatever they want because they own the websites and have a right to do that.” or “Who really has the right to define what is real and what is fake?”. So let’s address these things separately.

  • Comey-tose


    Just when it seems President Trump has run out of surprises, he goes and fires incompetent FBI Director James Comey.  Hillary Clinton has to be shaking in her pant suit right about now. There is a TON of commentary out there today about Comey’s ouster; I recommend the Wall Street Journal‘s editorial “Comey’s Deserved Dismissal” […]

  • A New Conservatism?

    A New Conservatism?

    Steve Deace over at Conservative Review has a piece up entitled “Needed:  A New Conservatism” (read it here).  Deace claims that, much as the Democratic Party left Ronald Reagan, so the “Republican Party left” him.  He argues that the debate over the soul of the conservative movement has hardened into Manichaean “Absolute Always Trumpers” and […]

  • Pat Buchanan’s America

    Pat Buchanan’s America

    In a surprisingly thoughtful and sympathetic review for the New York Times, columnist Joe Klein argues that the triumph of Donald Trump is really the triumph of Pat Buchanan’s fifty-year career in journalism, punditry, and scholarship. This observation isn’t strikingly original–it was pretty clear to anyone with a passing familiarity of Buchanan’s work–but it’s refreshing […]

  • A Disheartening, but Expected, Defeat

    A Disheartening, but Expected, Defeat

    On Sunday, 7 May 2017, the French people elected Emmanuel Macron in the second round of the French presidential elections.  He defeated his opponent, National Front leader Marine Le Pen, with 66% of the vote, a powerful rebuke of populist nationalism. Or so it would seem.  While I had high hopes that Marine Le Pen […]

  • Repeal the Johnson Amendment

    Repeal the Johnson Amendment

    On Thursday, 4 May 2017, President Donald Trump issued an executive order to the IRS, instructing it to “exercise maximum enforcement discretion to alleviate the burden” of the 1954 Johnson Amendment, a tax provision that prohibits churches from endorsing or contributing to political candidates or parties.  The amendment has never truly been enforced, but the […]

  • Do We Have A Reason To Hope In Trump?

    As a research writer on the topic of national security and the Muslim Brotherhood’s declared war against North America (Civilization Jihad), I have to hope that Friday, January 20th can bring us a new beginning in protecting America and keeping her safe. Am I saying I have complete trust in President Trump? I think President […]

  • Is President Trump one of my readers?

    Is President Trump one of my readers?

    Last night I was about to go to sleep and a friend called full of excitement saying did you see what Trump just did? He ended CVE! CVE is Countering Violent Extremism. I have written a few articles exposing their friendliness with the Muslim Brotherhood and the granting of special privileges for members of the […]

  • Just Call Me Friend

    Just Call Me Friend

    I am so sorry Kathleen Parker, Washington Post Writers Group, does not read my local newspaper, the Morning News. If she did she would realize the “Black” is not a bad word. Recently on air and in this publication, I addressed the topic head on. I explained how I have asked many “Blacks” and “African-Americans” […]

  • Book Learnings Is Not The Only Way To Teach Kids

    Book Learnings Is Not The Only Way To Teach Kids

    Never know what a day may bring. Beginning the day “In the Pickle Barrel”, then to Charleston to help a class of first graders plant a garden. I have a selection of seeds, seeding pots, planting soil, some winter plants to place in the garden until the seedlings are ready to transplant. Oh, a lot […]