Mike DeZinno is “America’s Blind Tradesman,” celebrates the trade’s people who built America and keep it running on I Love My Tools. It is the only radio show solely dedicated to the specific topics of interest and concerns of the millions of men and women in the trades. Those men and women whose hard work created and maintain the infrastructure that creates the foundation for the mighty economic engine we call “The Great American Dream.”

During each episode, Mike DeZinno and his special guests discuss the knowledge and practices handed down from masters to apprentices for generations as well as the latest developments and innovations in tools, techniques, and materials. Mike also dedicates time each week to explore the opportunities for self-employment as a tradesperson, as well as the virtually unlimited entrepreneurial potential as a business when you offer the marketplace access to the skills and services of other tradespeople you employ.

“I Love My Tools” is an open format show where listeners are invited to join in the chat room or call in live on the air to ask questions or contribute topical information and comments.

You can catch the show live every Friday evening, 8:00 PM Eastern time, or listen to past episodes in the show archives which you can access exclusively at AmericanPatriotRadio.com.