About Candi:

Candi is a Southern Belle that believes laughter is the best medicine. Although she takes politics seriously, she tries to find humor in current events to get her point across. When you’re starting your day, Candi is here to help you get going in a better mood. Wake up, buttercups! Because Coffee with Candi is a high caffeine talk show full of “bless your hearts” and laughs!

When the work day is over, Candi keep you company during Happy Hour at APR. Your family will thank you for tuning in to American Patriot Radio when you arrive in a better mood.

Candi currently lives in Washington, DC with her “hunny bun”. When she isn’t on air or writing for her own website, Candi enjoys walking about the Nation’s Capital, reading a good book, watching a classic movie, or visiting her daughter.

Follow Candi on Facebook or Twitter. Or visit her website: www.indubitablyinependent.com