They Have Broken Every Rule In The Book

Okay, let’s just forget, for a moment, ‘who’ or ‘what’ exactly is providing fake news.  The ‘who or what’ of this matter is not really the point.  Despite the fact that fake news is becoming a serious issue, the real issues are apparently not being addressed.

You often hear people say things like “Websites can block whatever they want because they own the websites and have a right to do that.”  or “Who really has the right to define what is real and what is fake?”.  So let’s address these things separately.

Forgive me if anything within this article is incorrect or only partially correct, as I am not a lawyer and the validity of my statements are only based on my limited understanding of things surrounding this topic.  Comments would be greatly appreciated.

What you need to realize is that both the statement and the question consist of misnomers.

  1. Not all websites are privately owned.  For example, Facebook has “founders” who were initially called “owners”.  However, Facebook is now a publically traded stock (NASDAQ) and is now a publically owned company.  And since Facebook both “employs workers” and “provides free and paid services to customers”, as a publically traded company, Facebook and it’s subsidiaries no longer have a right to discriminate against anyone under Employment or Consumer Discrimination Regulations (On both Federal and State levels).  We will talk more about that in a moment.
  2. Who defines what is real and what is fake?  The reason this question is presented as a misnomer is simply because the question itself is wrong on many levels.  First of all, it is not “who” but “what” that defines ‘true or false’ in the face of a dispute.  And that “what” is a court of law. But even when putting a court of law upon a pedestal, in this case,  even the courts are limited to only those things that can be proven as well as those things that are not subject to judicial proceedings such as religious beliefs.

So, Can They Block You?

Based on what I have previously mentioned, the answer to this will depend on one of two things.

  1. If the company is a privately owned and operated company, then they can do whatever they want to do within the guidelines provided by their hosting company.
  2. If the Company is a publically traded (thus publically owned) company then it can not block you unless you’re activities consist of illegal activities based on the law.  It can only block you and your content it doing so is expressly warranted by a court ruling.

Whilst everyone with ranting and raving about what is real and what is fake, the overall conclusion is not based on an individual or group’s educated or bias opinions.  Therefore, until which time a court states otherwise about an individual item in question (and not an entire entity as a whole), that item in question can not be blocked from any publically owned/traded organization.  In other words, companies are breaking the law.  But they simply do not care because you don’t even realize they are doing that because they continue to keep you focussed on the wrong side of the topic.

Furthermore, this does not mean that news sources can simply provide any fake news that they want.  Like I said, an individual news item in question may be challenged at any time.  And if enough false, misleading, or concocted news stories come from one particular source, a court may establish a ruling whereas that source must be shut down.  In the meantime, only particular new items are in question and must be addressed by the courts individually.  Without a court order, being blocked is a violation of BOTH federal and state laws as well as your constitutional rights as defined by the first amendment.

The only thing left to question is simply “Who is going to start cracking down on the law?”  I guess that question pertains to everything at the moment. There are just too many crimes taking place and too few people who care to do a thing about it.  But until people are properly informed, NOBODY can make an educated decision about ANYTHING when the people are being misled about EVERYTHING.  And by giving people the unlawful power and factitious authority to block news that does not apply to their bias opinions, we are all continuously subjected to the mainstream’s corporate brainwashing and shaping of public opinions for their own private and political agendas.  Until this is stopped, nothing else even matters in the slightest because it probably doesn’t exist in the first place.

This post was submitted by John Martin.






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