Bill Pickle

Book Learnings Is Not The Only Way To Teach Kids

Never know what a day may bring. Beginning the day “In the Pickle Barrel”, then to Charleston to help a class of first graders plant a garden. I have a selection of seeds, seeding pots, planting soil, some winter plants to place in the garden until the seedlings are ready to transplant. Oh, a lot of gardening stories to share with the class (do and don’t stuff). Great teacher letting the kids “learn by doing”.

Dad had my sisters and I working in the yard with him long before began the first grade. I remember many a Saturday morning him giving us old dinner forks to help pry the pesky weeds out of the ground. he would explain why weeds were bad for the grass, “It’s always best to get the weeds out of the yard before the seeds develop and blew across the yard. Boy, if you don’t let seeds enter the yard there will be no weeds in the yard.”

Yep, that was my Dad, a man who believed prevention is the best policy when fighting weeds.

Perhaps we should use this same philosophy when we want new folks in public office?

I’ll think about this and get back to you.






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