What do Guests say about Paul Sutliff the host of CJA?

Dr. William C. Bradford, PhD, LLM, JD, MBA  a National Security expert who has worked for DHS and has experience as Attorney General, Professor, and National Security and Native American Strategist said:

Paul courageously reveals and explains the nature and purpose of Islamist organizations and warns of the threat Western Civilization faces if we fail to name the enemy and rally to defeat it. In doing so, he engages not only the foundational documents and thinkers who have influenced current movements like ISIS, Boko Haram, and other Salfist terrorist organizations, but leaves us with the knowledge that makes choice imperative: will we allow ourselves to be defeated from within, captive to our own political correctness, or will be draw our own swords and give battle such that Judaeo-Christian civilization and the freedom of thought and expression and rule of law upon which it rests can survive? Rare is the marriage of courage and wisdom, but Paul has achieved it.






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