Civilization Jihad Awareness

Hello, I am the host of Civilization Jihad Awareness. This is a show that evolved from what I have been doing for the past five years.

Researching, writing, giving speeches and doing radio as a guest on the topic of Civilization Jihad, the name the Muslim Brotherhood gave for the war declared on North America. I am not your typical counter-terrorism writer or commentator.

I am a teacher first and foremost. I am listed in  Who’s Who of America’s High School Teachers. So, a lot of my show is education on what Civilization Jihad is and how it is being waged today.

I consider myself an awakened Patriot to the lies and misinformation the Muslim Brotherhood has filled the USA and Canada with. Join me and my unique guests who have insight into this war on America and Canada. Put on your seat belts grab a notebook and prepared to be bombarded with information that will scare you awake and into action as a proud patriot! Come join me and learn on how to stand tall for your country! On Wednesdays from 6 pm to 730 EST.






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