Can legal ever be considered wrong?

Can legal ever be considered wrong?

South Carolina under went some very strange changes since POTUS-To-Be Trump became POTUS. I want to go down the path of events one step at a time so there is no confusion.

Step 1. SC Governor Nikki Haley gets the blessing of the US Senate to become the new Ambassador to the United Nations
Step 2. SC Senator Hugh Leatherman, R-Florence, resigns from his post as Senate President Pro-tempore (which happens to be the most powerful seat in the State Legislature)
Step 3. SC Kevin Bryant, R-Anderson, is elected and becomes the new Senate Pro-tempore
Step 4. By State Law, Lt. Governor Henry McMaster gets sworn is as the new Governor
Step 5. By State Law and following the steps of of Senator McConnell, Charleston, Kevin Bryant follows the rule of succession and becomes the new Lt. Governor
Step 6. The State Senate, in a split decision (10 Republicans plus every Democrat Senator) elects a new Senate President Pro-tempore, Senator Hugh Leatherman (which returns him to the most powerful seat in the State Legislature

When I was asked about this process and the events that took place I attempted to express the reasons it was a smart move by Senator Leatherman. I also stated it was good for the Florence and Greater Pee Dee Region.

Then I was asked, “Bill, was it the right thing to do?” Well, now your getting personal. Who am I to determine right from wrong. I mean, isn’t legal and right the same thing?

Ouch! (biting my tongue)






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