Do We Have A Reason To Hope In Trump?

As a research writer on the topic of national security and the Muslim Brotherhood’s declared war against North America (Civilization Jihad), I have to hope that Friday, January 20th can bring us a new beginning in protecting America and keeping her safe.

Am I saying I have complete trust in President Trump? I think President Obama showed us that we can never again place such trust in a President. After 8 years the country is more divided and members of the Democratic Party are openly advocating violence. History tells us that this is not unlike the violence the Democratic Party released on those who fought for Civil Rights.

Let us not forget the actions of Democrat Sheriff “Bull” Conner against the Black and White great citizens who stood tall for America in Selma. Let us not forget, it was the Democratic Party that created the Ku Klux Klan (KKK). Even PBS has done educational documentaries exposing this truth ( ). So how is this violence by liberal Democrats new?

They are the party that chooses America’s destruction over her success. It took Democrat President Bill Clinton to press for NAFTA, which was approved by a large amount RINOs. It was the outgoing President Obama who ran on the Communist Party ticket in 2008. For those who are young, the Communists were are enemy from 1945 until the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989.

So with the Democrats out, does Trump bring us reason to hope for an America that is great again?

The one thing he brings that many DC insiders will hate is an understanding of proper fiscal liability in budgeting. That should strike fear in many an agency that knows it is wasting the tax payers dollars. Is that not a good thing for the little guy in America?

Trump has quite the cabinet! Mattis is scaring the Democrats who love violence. That is here at home, imagine what it means to have a Secretary of Defense, whose very name strikes a chord of fear in the enemies of our country. Isn’t that a good thing?

Amongst the most interesting appointees to his cabinet is Dr. Ben Carson. A medical doctor will head HUD. Imagine that appointing someone who actually grew up in a HUD project who became successful on his merits! Is it not good for America to have someone in charge of projects that truly understands what is bad and good from a personal perspective?

I have only named a few and with the exception of one I feel proud as an American to say my President has me in mind as he made these choices. For whom am I?

I am not the wealthy. I am one who raised my children in subsidized housing. I am one who worked and raised myself out of poverty. I am a teacher who abhors the Common Core so much that writing its name made me cringe! I am a research writer who has watched the destruction of our nation’s national security under Obama. I am a radio host who without fear points out the evil in the infiltration of the Muslim Brotherhood into so many levels of our government and civilization as a whole.

I am an American who hopes that President Trump and others will say clean up the alphabet soup from the infiltration of those seek to do us harm.

I am an AMERICAN with HOPE that this President will do what he what promised!


This post was submitted by Paul Sutliff.






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