Just Call Me Friend

Just Call Me Friend

I am so sorry Kathleen Parker, Washington Post Writers Group, does not read my local newspaper, the Morning News. If she did she would realize the “Black” is not a bad word.

Recently on air and in this publication, I addressed the topic head on. I explained how I have asked many “Blacks” and “African-Americans” about the use of these terms. I try very hard not to be to offensive to my friends and guests.

With very view exceptions my responses have been something like “Well, I am black and my ancestors were from Africa (or some other country). I guess technically I am a Black African American.”

After the laughter my friends state “It really makes no difference. It is the way some people say either that bothers many of us.”

One friend of my age group asked, “Bill, do you prefer to be called a White Man or a Caucasian?”

Without hesitating I replied, “I prefer my friend Bill.”

His response, a smile and wink.

As we continued our discussion we agreed it was okay to use the terms black, very dark black, Caucasian, white, very tanned white, or whatever when describing someone. We agreed it was just as okay to describe people as rather young, very, young, middle aged and we laughed together as I said “or an old fart.”

Isn’t it amazing most Blacks and Whites, Negroes and Caucasians, Hispanics and Black and Whites get along?

Even more shocking, even in today’s world of horror some of us have a Muslim, Catholic, Baptist, Jewish or Politician friend or two.

Ms Parker, I bet you do too.

Bill Pickle






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